Our law firm’s business thesis is that there is a global disconnect between technology + capital + talent + ideas (problem). Our aim is to bridge the gap between the technology + dispersed capital + talent + ideas via our legal platform (solution).

We offer top legal products to align startups and venture capital globally in a fast moving and changing world. Below are our convictions about entrepreneurship, the internet economy and our practice of law.

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Capital and technology centralization. Although technology can be created anywhere in the world network effects cause centralization of capital and technology in hubs like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin. We share our legal knowledge and experience to link capital and technology with the peripheries and emerging products. Adopting Silicon Valley legal standards increases fundability and exit probability. Our legal team can explain what’s normal, how to negotiate and how no to screw up. Our legal platform makes capital raising faster and easier regardless of localization of the startup and the investors. We try to drive the market standard for international startup capital increase.

Right idea wrong place. Many great startups are developed outside of Silicon Valley, but because they are far away from the main technology center they fail to reach extraordinary growth or unicorn status. We don’t think America is better than Europe or Asia, but believe startups and investors have to the right to develop the best products without worrying they are in the wrong zip code or legal system. As lawyers we can make this happen. We work with entrepreneurs, software engineers and developers to get them in the right zip code to get the attention of capital. We have developed several legal products to help startups flip to the US and/or get them into a top accelerator painlessly. As a law firm “we work” to get the right ideas in the right place.

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Talent dispersed globally. Tech talent is dispersed globally. Great ideas can come from places like Romania, Nigeria, Armenia, Germany or Poland. World class founders don’t need to finish Stanford. However, geography and unfamiliar culture adds to the risk profile. The future does not have to be determined or limited by geography, economics and history. Our law firm structures around these risks risk by bringing dispersed talent together and concentrating efforts of investors and founders on building great products and companies with a vision. In other words, we bullet proof international deals for the future.

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At our core we are legal platform for entrepreneurs looking to start global companies, deal proof their seed/series A rounds, expand globally including the United States and exit. Our work should translate into better products, better fundraising and exits.

Law firm specializing in startups, series A and US expansion. No legal advice I No attorney client relationship I Attorney advertising

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