Start. Our law firm was founded in 2009 in the middle of the great recession, by Tytus Cytowski an American lawyer educated in Europe and Harvard Law School. Like many people in finance at that time he was displaced by the financial crisis, searched for a sweet spot and found his calling as an entrepreneur serving foreign founders and tech. Starting a law firm was a roller coaster but the venture has scaled and attracted top clients.

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New York. Initially the firm was true to its New York roots working with entrepreneurs starting companies in the post financial crisis world. But Tytus was able to combine his European background, Harvard pedigree, Wall Street legal skills and global network to slowly develop a successful legal practice. The firm kept attracting international startup clients expanding to the US, foreign founders heading to accelerators or doing series seed/Series A.

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Beyond. In early 2013 the firm expanded its operations to Poland, being one of the first law firms focusing on cross-border tech in the CEE region and Poland in particular. The firm’s lawyers were to first recognize and develop the first success stories coming out of Poland. By 2015 the firm had about 10 lawyers globally and Tytus traveled more often to the Bay Area from the east coast to meet and close deals for international founders.

Mentoring. From the founding of the firm special emphasis was put on mentoring of clients. Our team has mentored 500+ founders, assisted 50+ startups/investors deploying $1 B in capital, launched 100+ companies in the US and Europe. Over the years we developed a proprietary method of lawyering and mentoring, which focuses on bullet proofing deals using best practices developed in Silicon Valley.

Team. Our legal team grew from 1 person (Tytus) to about 10 lawyers over the years. The all-star team developed by Tytus consists of problem solvers, risk takers and top lawyer talent without the posture. Our firm is always looking for team players to join our team. Many of our former colleagues have become successful entrepreneurs themselves and some have moved on to become tech regulators.

Values. We believe in giving first. We are about helping others. We want to make friends, not only bill clients. Success without honor is disgrace. We are different. That is why you can find us teaching at Columbia Law School, speaking at Startup Grind or Bitspiration, meet us at Slush or TechCrunch Disrupt and read about us on Business Insider.

Law firm specializing in startups, series A and US expansion. No legal advice I No attorney client relationship I Attorney advertising

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