Polish & CEE YC Manifest 2.0 (YC S21)

Hello Everyone!

As you know our law firm supports ambitious founders from Poland and CEE heading to Silicon Valley. We want to help the new generation of Polish and CEE entrepreneurs get this experience and change the trajectory of their ventures, so we decided to help startups get into YC S2021 batch. Over 30+ CEE companies responded to our last manifest in the summer and 2 CEE companies got accepted into YC. Congrats to the 2 anonymous teams and if you are reading this it means you can be next.

Our engagement over 10+ years with our clients has helped our law firm grow and allowed us to understand the magic of Silicon Valley and why it is the heart of innovation in the world.

When we say we decided to help, we mean don’t just help you draft your application. Our goal is at least 2-3 new YC-backed companies for Poland and CEE. We’ll work on your product and hypotheses, on the application, the interview and when you get to YC — we’ll work on getting the most out of this unique experience, including introductions to top tier investors.

Post online application we will assemble panels of YC alums and top tier investors to work on your mock YC interview.

Finally, we will angel invest in the best teams that get into YC through our help. We want to invest up to $25G once you get into YC.

To avoid doubt our offer, is free and without equity. We are just giving back, however, we expect that you will pay it forward. You will be only asked to sign a founder ethical commitment, which mirrors YC’s founder ethical commitment. The commitment will contain a promise to be fair and honest.

We only have 5requirements for candidates:
— you are serious (no flakes, wannatrepneurs, hustlers)
— good English;
— coachability;
— promise to give back to the community (give first and not take); and
— you will honor all handshake deals with us and our community.

If you are interested please email us at office@cytlaw.com and answer the following questions in the email:

  • Company url, if any:
  • Describe your company in 50 characters or less. *
  • What is your company going to make?
  • Why are you the best founders to work on this project? *
  • How far along are you? *
  • Why is your product disruptive?
  • Why do you want to get into YC? *
  • Why is your country cool? *

If you know founders/entrepreneurs that would be interested in this — tag them in the comments too.

We are planning to make a choice by February 15, as the deadline to apply for Y Combinator is March 15th.